You have entered Rick Hawkins' Drum Teaching Studio

I am Rick Hawkins, a professional musician in the Augusta GA, Columbia county, Richmond county, Martinez, Evans, Harlem, and Grovetown area. I teach drumset lessons at Music and Arts which is located at the Kmart shopping center on Washington Rd, Martinez. If you cannot come to Music and Arts for lessons let me know and I will try to make accommodations. 

You can reach me at 706 394-7962 or register here at my website.

I have been teaching drumset for over 15 years. 

Before I started teaching I was an Occupational Therapist (OT), working with children in a private clinic and in the Richmond county school system. I started teaching when a former client's mother asked me to teach her son to play drums. I found this task to be fun and fulfilling. I expanded my teaching program and finally transitioned into a fulltime teacher and performing musician.

My musical experience started when I was told by my parents that I needed to pick an instrument to play for the school band. All my siblings were given the same instructions when it was appropriate. I ended up picking the snare drum and played in all the bands in all the schools I attended. Since my dad was in the army this was quite a few schools. In high school I started playing the drumset. I also played drumset in the college's big band as well as the other percussion instruments in the concert band. After college I played in a rock/funk/new wave band. After a few years of this I went in to retail. After too many years of retail and wholesale jobs, I went back to school to become an OT. 

Learning to play any musical instrument requires discipline and dedication. Practicing consistently is the only way a person can improve his or her skills. A teacher can guide a student by showing him or her the skills that are necessary to becoming a good player as well as ways of acquiring these skills. The work of the student will determine how quickly these skills are acquired.

My method of teaching incorporates learning to read drumset music and developing technique for speed and accuracy. I use two books Alfred's Beginning Drumset Method and Stick Control. I will modify my method based on the needs/abilities of the student.

Learning to read music is the quickest way to play a song you have never heard before and it also opens up the drummer to rhythms and combinations of sounds that the drummer might not have considered or heard before.

Learning to read as you learn to play is the most efficient and enjoyable way to increase your abilities.

I currently play in jazz groups throughout the CSRA, including The American jazz Combo. I also play for services, bar and bat mitzvahs and special occasions at the The Congregation Children of Israel Temple .

I play in a German band called the Channelheimers Oompah Band too. This group plays German festivals in the Southeastern U.S.. We were the feature band for the German themed Arts In The Heart Festival in downtown Augusta, GA in 2012. We usually have a full schedule in and around October! If you are interested in hiring an oompah band see my facebook page.

I also play in the percussion section of The Augusta Concert Band. We play concerts through out the year, including the Empty Stocking Fund concert and a Memorial Day concert. In this band I play a variety of percussion instruments as well as the drumset.

Call Music and Arts at 706 860-8600 to set up lessons.

If you are interested in taking lessons from me please look for the registration button on this webpage and fill out the form. This will inform me of your interest and give me your contact information so we can get together to work out a lesson time on the calendar.


Rick Hawkins